Junior SoundFest

Five half-day lively course for beginners

  • To provide a fun and supportive environment for children age 4 - 8 to develop their interest in music and introduce them to the basic rudiments of Chinese and Western music
  • To develop children’s musical skills through the creative music and movement approach developed by German composer and educator Carl Orff
  • To cultivate children’s aesthetic-creative potentials
  • Perform a culminating concert with renowned overseas musicians

Target  Age 4 - 8
Class Commencement Dates 25 - 29 / 7 / 2016 (Mon - Fri) OR
1 - 5 / 8 / 2016 (Mon - Fri)
Time  9am – 12noon 
Venue  The True Light Middle School of Hong Kong
(Primary Section)
Address 50 Tai Hang Road, Causeway Bay
Teaching Language : Cantonese
Tuition : $1,650
Submission Deadline Limited seats available on a first-come, first-served basis



Join us! Study with renowned instructors who are the very best at what they do.

Professionals from the Music for our Youth Foundation will join forces with the experienced Certified Orff Teacher.

Music for Our Youth Foundation

MOY is a charitable organisation. Its focus is music training for young persons. MOY sets a goal for those receiving training, a goal which can only be reached through hard work and discipline.

MOY works with schools and youth music groups. A normal cycle of activities covers a period of 3 years. MOY assists the school in the running of instrumental training classes and the formation of a school orchestra.

MOY provides training at the general as well as the expert levels. Whilst normal training is provided in classes, once a talent is spotted, MOY might pick out the talented trainee for special one-on-one training.

MOY performs quality control and auditing of those providing the training. Inspectors of MOY visit the training venues regularly and keep full documentation of the progress of work done by trainers. In addition to the monthly stipend, trainers may receive a half-yearly bonus award if his or her work is considered by MOY inspectors to be of a high standard.

During the third year of the 3-year period, on recommendation of the MOY team, the school or music group may take part in an overseas music exchange activity sponsored by the Hong Kong Music Exchange Programme Foundation.

MOY is supported in its work by the Po and Helen Chung Foundation, the HK Music Exchange Programme Foundation, Y. S. Liu Foundation, the Philip K.H. Wong Foundation, Mr Francis Lui, Mr Liu Lit Chi and other private donors.

Art Rhapsody

Art Rhapsody aims at providing harmonious and joyful environment for little kids to learn and build up interest in music. Sharing the same rationale with Carl Orff, a German composer and musician, Art Rhapsody wish children can build up confidence, critical thinking, communication, collaboration and creativity.


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